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At Hahn's Septic Service we cover all aspects of drainage.  Whether you have residential waste going to the public sewer system or your own septic system; you have any of the many varieties of waste options that face the commercial world.  Hahn's Septic has the equipment and knowledge to handle the project at hand.

 Pumping a Grease Trap at a local University

Pumping a Grease Trap at a local University


We have multiple trucks that spend their days pumping Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, and various other pits.  They are piloted by professional and knowledgeable technicians that can answer any questions you may have.

 Drain Snake and Inspection Cameras

Drain Snake and Inspection Cameras

Drain cleaning

Things flowing slowly?  You're one call away from getting your drains back on track.  We have snakes of all sizes to tackle any drain your house, restaurant, or complex.

 Jetting Large Diameter Overflow Pipe

Jetting Large Diameter Overflow Pipe


If Snakes can't open the line or the project is above and beyond the old school.  We have Water Jet Trucks that can clean residential waste line, commercial grease lines to large drainage pipes that can be blocked by roots, stones, dirt or anything else you can imagine.


Hahn's not only services existing drain lines and systems, we remove old lines and systems and install new.

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Grease traps

Restaurants and commercial kitchens are required to have a grease separator before kitchen waste ties to sanitary waste lines.  They are county spec'd and we install all types and sizes of separators. 

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septic tanks

If you're building a new home, or it's time to swap that old collapsing tank in your back yard; we're here for you.


leach fields

Your tank is only part of the system.  We offer and install all types drainage solutions.  Drywells, Leach Fields, and even landscape drainage.

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