Commercial Service

Drain Maintenance and Grease Trap Cleaning are vital to any restaurant operation.  A clog can bring a great night to screeching halt.  Most clogs are preventable with regular Grease Trap Pumping and yearly Preventative Drain Cleaning.  We offer these services as well as camera inspections and many other plumbing related issues that may arise.

drain cleaning6.jpg

drain maintenance

Grease is a nasty thing to deal with.  The photo above shows a drain line from the kitchen to the grease trap that was neglected for years.


Grease trap maintenance

Once a Grease Trap becomes overfull of grease the grease will push down the outlet setting up for a full system back up.  Pumping will help keep outbound pipes clear which reduces the risk of bathroom clogs as well as kitchen clogs.


video inspection

The ability to look inside of your system is crucial to assess your risk level of unwanted backups.