Drain Cleaning

Drains of all purposes and sizes can clog.  It happens to everyone at some point.  At times, it's as simple as a plunger at the point of obstruction, sometimes it takes a little more finesse and equipment.  Drains that are compromised due to ground shifts, roots, age or poor installation will clog far more often than a new, properly installed line. 

Whatever the reason, we have the equipment needed to get you running again. 

drain cleaning1.jpg

standard clogs

Something foreign either put in the drain or accidentally finding its way into a drain.  The photo to the left was a scrub brush in the drain causing a backup.  Sounds crazy, but it is a common occurrence.

Usually these types of clogs can be handled with minimal equipment and just a little investigation to locate and rectify.

grease clogs

Grease is a buzz in plumbing.  It comes from more than just bacon and hamburgers.  Any dish that is washed, shower taken, or laundry cycle done adds grease to your drains.  it comes from dairy, starches, soaps/detergents, and, of course, meat.  Grease build up is probably happening in your drains right now and you don't realize it.  These kinds of clogs are tougher and typically require Jetting to get the pipes back to square one.

It sounds scary, but once we locate the blockage, we can manage the task in a very timely manner.

drain cleaning6.jpg

drain cleaning7.jpg

broken pipes

It happens.  In our area with changing water tables, extreme weather swings, and ground shifts; pipes break.

Root intrusions are very common.  The root finds a small opening and eventually grows into a huge problem.  The photo to the left was a 50 year old sewer connection, that when we cut and removed, revealed a 7 foot long root bundle.

After cleaning the pipe we can video inspect the line and locate trouble spots.


Sometimes the clog tougher than a snake can handle.  When the job needs more, we bring it.  We have a Sreco Jet Truck that packs 1000 gallons on board water.  We pull up with water on board and get right to work.