There are times that snakes can't get it done

Have you ever stuck your finger into a Jello mold?  As soon as you pull out your finger it closes right back up.  That's what grease does why you snake through it.  In most cases a snake will create an opening in your pipe to allow flow; however the line may still have plenty of buildup that requires more work.  It is a very common issue to have grease buildup in your lines. 


How Does it work?

 Our trucks arrive full of water, hoses attached, and ready to get your lines open and running.  Our tech chooses the appropriate nozzle for your style of clog, attaches it to the jetter hose and sends it in your lines.  Once engaged, the truck pumps water from its onboard tank through the hose.  The nozzle will actually propel itself through the drain line while the tech "steers" it and will cut through roots, scrub pipe walls, and remove grease buildup. 

(Left: David and Damon Jetting an overflow pipe full of mud and debris for a local Lake with the 1" Jet Hose and Jet Sled.
Right: 1/2" Jetter hose removing heavy grease buildup from a 4" Drain Line at a local restaurant..)